ends: january 20th 2018

1 BTC = 20 000
1 ETH = 700



SOFT CAP 300 000 $


MARCH 2018

SOFT CAP 3 000 000 $


MAY 2018




2017 saw the beginning of a real explosion into the cryptocurrency market. This allowed less expensive cryptocurrencies to attract more attention, and funds, from investors. Bitcoins share of the global market capitalization went from around 80% to approximately 50%. A distinct differentiation has gradually appeared in the market.

As a result of this differentiation, a number of exchanges have become increasingly popular. This has made changing cryptocurrencies into euros, dollars, roubles, and other currencies easy. A large number of people have taken advantage of the difference in rates, turning these exchanges into an effective profit-making tool.

The Market Position of Cryptocurrency

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has had an influence on the dedicated exchanges; the number of which, has and continues to show significant growth. Statistics show that more than 100 of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges handle an impressive turnover of cash – more than $10 billion a day!

The list of leading exchanges by turnover is as follows:

Experts believe that there are already more than 400,000 professional and novice traders in cryptocurrency markets. This number of participants continues to grow at a tremendous pace.

The Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The competition that exists in the market and the ability to buy and sell a variety of digital coins is a good thing. Why? Because it protects the rights of any given individual to make a choice. However, cryptocurrency exchanges to have their shortcomings.

Consider some of the most significant disadvantages:

  • Clunky interfaces – In an effort to differentiate themselves, current cryptocurrency exchanges try to give the user as many functional “levers” as possible with user-friendliness falling by the wayside. These interfaces are often quite difficult to understand and cannot be personalized to suit individual preference.
  • Limitations – In order to begin trading any pair of currencies, the user often has to spend time on an exchange and pay a commission. This is due to many of the alternative cryptocurrencies only being able to be purchased with Bitcoin. If the initial deposit was made in another currency, an initial exchange is essential.
  • Differences in trading pairs – Many cryptocurrency pairs are available across all exchanges. However, the process for trading them may differ across the board. Also, there is often a significant discrepancy in the buy-sell quotes, which the difference frequently being in excess of $100 or more. Because of this, users create accounts across different exchanges and split their investment between them. In the event of a successful transaction, the earning potential is not maximized because only a partial sum was exchanged or part of the transaction resulted in a lower yield.
  • Unwarranted Commissions – Cryptocurrency exchanges take advantage of high demand to charge large commissions for topping up accounts, exchange transactions, etc. Some projects offer reduced commission percentages to attract large traders, but these are people investing $20 million or more a month.

The above limitations could be eliminated if users were able to trade on several exchanges simultaneously using only one account, paying reasonable levels of commission and using various devices to complete transactions with ease.


Abelon is a universal platform which makes trading on several exchanges with one account a practical possibility. Transactions can be made from any Android of iOS device as well as desktops and laptops. This unique project allows users to maximize profits by opening a deal on ‘Exchange A’ and closing on ‘Exchange B’.

Abelon unites the best features of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges while helping users avoid their disadvantages.

The platform is suitable for both professional and novice traders.

Its main advantages include:

  • A user-friendly interface designed to provide the optimum balance between simplicity and functionality
  • Support for both desktop and mobile devices
  • One of the lowest commission rates on the market (as a result of large turnover)
  • A system for inter-exchange arbitration

Interest in the cryptocurrency industry is growing. The number of purchase and sell transactions is growing at a tremendous rate, which assures us of the high interest in Abelon from both cryptocurrency exchanges and traders.

Advantages of the Abelon Platform

A Low Commission Fee:

Reduced commission fees are highly attractive to traders. The ability to conduct transactions with a minimal commission fee is facilitated by a high turnover as the volume of trade of all users passes through one account for each stock exchange. The following graph shows how commissions are reduced for traders using Abelon over the course of a month.

In order to achieve turnover of $150 million per month, a customer base of 100 traders, each trading $5,000 (approximately 1 Bitcoin) per day, is needed. A three-month campaign of active advertising will be needed to attract this volume of traders.

Arbitration Between Exchanges:

The exchange rate of various cryptocurrencies is prone to large fluctuations in both directions within a short period of time. Abelon users have simultaneous, unlimited access to quotes from various trading platforms and can choose the most favorable option carrying out transactions via arbitrage. This is the fastest way of earning money from differing exchange rates.

A User-Friendly Interface & Multi-Platform Support

Traders can complete transactions anytime, anywhere due to having full access to their portfolio on the most popular platforms – Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The simplicity and thoughtfulness of the interface allows for instantaneous transactions of any complexity or simply access to relevant trading information.

Trust Management:

Trust management is an additional, but extremely important feature of the project. Traders can share their own achievements, showing the statistics and percentage of profits received in their personal portfolio. This is an ideal trader’s portfolio which can be used to inspire trust in potential investors.

Other users can transfer management of their own capital to selected traders. These will be unable to withdraw funds entrusted to them, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity by 100%. Terms between trader and investor will be negotiated on an individual level, which the service guarantees full compliance with all these conditions.

Monetizing the Project

Abelon will be monetized in various ways:

1. Its Own Commission.

This will be minimal at only 0.02%. A gradual increase in the volume of trade within the project will result in reduced commissions to the exchanges used, thereby lowering fees for the end user.

2. Monthly Fees.

Abelon will be available on both a free and a paid basis. In the free version, access to the service will be limited to the web version. The monthly version will allow access to the platform from any device, including mobile phones and tablets. The price of subscription will be fixed and 0.005 BTC per month..

3. Connecting Additional Exchanges to the Account.

After registration, a trader can select one exchange for trading. In order to more effectively capitalize on different quotes, there is a paid feature of adding further exchanges under one account. The cost of connecting one additional exchange will be 0.001 BTC.

Financial Plan

Investment Requirements:

To date, the project has been produced only in prototype form, with $300,000 being required for full completion. The finances will be spread across four primary areas:

  • Server
  • Security Team
  • Mobile Applications for iOS and Android
  • Desktop Applications for MacOS and Windows

The project will be functional only when an initial quantity of cryptocurrency has been purchased, allowing traders to conduct transactions without restriction. Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently the most traded cryptocurrencies. According to statistics, they account for more than 50% of the total volume of trade turnover.

Our detailed analysis of cryptocurrency transactions on exchanges revealed that the average transaction values are 0.8 BTC and 4.5 ETH. An active trader working at a good level has an average monthly turnover of 25 BTC and 45 ETH.

Our investment in each of the exchanges must therefore be 100 BTC and 500 ETH. The plan is for collaboration with five of the most reliable exchanges in the platform’s initial stage, meaning a total investment sum of 500 BTC and 2500 ETH.

These sums will allow 500 experienced traders to actively use the service without experiencing any limitations. Abelon management has planned an ICO to help raise $6 million. These funds will also be spent during the project launch.

The complete costing structure is as follows:

  • Development of the platform - $300,000.
  • Preparations for the ICO - $200,000.
  • Marketing - $500,000.
  • Replenishing balances on Cryptocurrency Exchanges Used - $5 million.


Abelon plans to release 7,960,000 ABD tokens. The share of tokens will be distributed during the ICO. 333 ABD tokens will be offered for 1 ETH. More tokens will be used to pay for partner services, advisors, and the operation of a wide bonus program.

  • 1,000,000 PRE ICO;
  • 5,000,000 ICO;
  • 240,000 Bounty Program;
  • 300,000 for Advisors;
  • 1 000,000 Reserve.

Funds received from the token sale will be used entirely in the development of the project. Unsold tokens will be permanently removed from the markets.

Arguments for the Purchase of Tokens.

  • Tokens purchased by investors can be used to pay for services in the future
  • The cost of connecting an additional exchange will be 1 token per month
  • The monthly service subscription fee will be 5 tokens
  • It’s far more profitable than payment using cryptocurrency
  • High demand for internal tokens will create a shortage, increasing their actual value
  • The value of the tokens is tied to the value of the cryptocurrency. This means that initial investors can be guaranteed to earn on the differing exchange rates



Out team will hold two rounds of investment fundraising. The plan is to sell 500,000 tokens at the first stage. The funds received will be used to develop the web platform and mobile applications. Any participants in the Pre-ICO will receive a 100% bonus – that is, all purchased tokens will be doubled. 1,000,000 tokens will therefore be released at the Pre-ICO stage.

We consider the investors involved in financing the project in its formative stage as our friends. For our friends, we will have another wonderful bonus in store: Lifelong free access to all functions of the Abelon platform.

PRE ICO will begin in December 2017.


During the second stage of investment fundraising we plan to release 5,000,000 tokens. 333 tokens will be available for 1 ETH. All funds received during the ICO will be used to investment in the balances of the cryptocurrency exchanges used to trading.

ICO will begin in March 2018.

A further 1,000,000 project tokens will initially be reserved in order to offset possible fluctuations in the Bitcoin to Ethereum exchange rate. The reserve will be withdrawn once the ICO is complete.

240,000 tokens will be allocated to the Bounty Program and 300,000 to project advisors.

1 BTC = 20 000
1 ETH = 700



SOFT CAP 300 000 $


MARCH 2018

SOFT CAP 3 000 000 $


MAY 2018




On the Abelon base, an open source project will be created. This is going to unite the developers around the development of a unified platform for a stock exchange trade. A strong community will make it possible to get a range of important advantages – correspondence to all the users’ needs, high development speed, independence and constant improvement.